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Theresa Ann Obssuth, BF, AFF

Access Bars Practitioner, Facilitator

About Theresa Ann Obssuth, BF, AFF

Theresa Obssuth, BF, AFF is an Access Bars Practitioner/Facilitator, Access Bars Facelift Facilitator, and a Holistic Health Practitioner. She has been practicing various holistic health modalities since 1983, having been initially certified as a Massage Therapist by the Morris Institute of Natural Therapeutics in Morristown, NJ, studied Shiatsu at the Ohashi Institute in NYC, trained in Aromatherapy with Gary Young of Young Living Essential Oils and has had years of experience in the use and application of therapeutic grade essential oils. Theresa is also a Reiki Master, provides Access Bars private sessions, and as an Access Bars Facilitator, teaches the process to those who desire to help themselves, family, and friends.


About Theresa Ann
Obssuth, BF, AFF


She incorporates these modalities as an eclectic, holistic way to support her clients in attaining and maintaining good health and well-being. Theresa believes that in the presence of compassion, respect, honoring, and touch, healing of the body, mind, and spirit is able to occur.  She embraces this philosophy in every aspect of her work.

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