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Therapeutic Medical Massage

Touch Is A Basic Human Need…A Simple Touch Has The Power To Calm, Nurture And Heal.

Therapeutic Medical Massage Explained

As a valuable complement to Physical Therapy, our licensed, highly experienced, Massage Therapists support physical therapy by providing treatments to the area of the body which is directed by the Physical Therapist.

At the Center For Integrative & Traditional Medicine, the Massage Therapists then tailor treatments to each individual patient, depending on what the patient and therapist want to achieve. One of their specialties is integrative massage, in which several modalities are used to restore healthy functioning of the muscular-skeletal system of the body. Patients can relax in a peaceful environment while experiencing benefits of an improved circulatory system, relief of strained, stressed muscles, reduced emotional stress and receive relief from pain and discomfort.


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One of the techniques that our Massage Therapists use is Cupping. This is an ancient Eastern technique where a specifically designed cup is placed on the affected area of the body and light suction is applied. This in turn, brings greater blood flow to the area, thus bringing more oxygen to the tissue and then releases toxins which restores health to the cells and relaxes the tense muscles upon which the cup is placed. As suction is applied, slight movement of the cup is traced along the muscle pathway. Relief from strained skin and muscular tissue can be felt after these treatments.

Our massage therapists provide a friendly, supportive place in which one can relax and feel completely cared for and about.

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