The Importance of Protein and Fiber In Your Diet

Protein and fiber are commonly recommended to help curb hunger and cravings as they help to balance your blood sugar and keep energy levels stable. A combination of the two during your meals/snacks could help you lose weight more easily. Protein and fiber can make you feel fuller with fewer calories, so you start to burn off your stubborn fat without having to starve yourself or go on any kind of special diet. Read more about the benefits of these two below: 


Promotes the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. Fiber is a fuel source for the beneficial microbes residing in our gut as we humans do not have the capacity to digest fiber ourselves. Also known as prebiotics, these compounds encourage the growth of our microbes who are essential to building a healthy immune response, defending against infection, and calming inflammation 

Low Glycemic Carbohydrates. Combining protein and fiber with low-glycemic carbohydrates can help you maximize your satiety after eating. Although each of these nutrients uses a different mechanism to make your feel fuller, they can work together to help you feel even more satisfied with fewer calories, which is key to successful weight loss and long-term weight maintenance. 

Reduces cravings and increases satiety. The type of food you eat can contribute to cravings. One of the top foods to fight cravings is fiber. Why? Fiber stretches and adds bulk to the stomach, activating the satiety messages to the brain signaling you are full and content and reducing hunger pangs. 

Stabilizes blood sugar. Fiber found in complex carbohydrate sources such as fruits, vegetables, raw nuts and seeds, whole grains, and legumes can help to slow the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream compared to simple carbohydrates. This means fiber can contribute to better blood glucose control.


Supports immune function. You may not think of protein when it comes to building a strong immune system, but it’s vital! Protein is involved in the creation of various compounds and substances that can fight infections and protect the body from invaders such as enzymes, antibodies, stomach acid, immune cells, mucus membranes and of course our skin. 

Builds important components in the body. Every tissue and organ is made up of protein. Protein makes up the structure of our cells and tissues and is also essential to build collagen, hormones, antibodies, enzymes, and neurotransmitters.This is why protein is essential in the diet as it will affect your skin, hair, nails, but also your ability to fend off pathogens and infections. 

Produces energy. Protein is an important energy source for the body, however it is only used after sources such as carbohydrates have been used up. If levels of glucose and fats are low the body will then tap into protein stores for its energy requirements. 

This is why getting enough dietary protein is a factor to consider when it comes to fatigue and poor performance. 

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