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Tips to Help the System Fight Viruses

Fight Viruses

Although it is not always possible to prevent a virus from taking hold in the body, we can still help the immune system do its job. One way is to avoid dehydration by drinking more fluids and eating more high-fiber foods. If we have recently been exposed through a cough or sneeze, wash hands frequently […]

25 Years of Health and Wellness at Center for Integrative and Traditional Medicine

The Center for Integrative & Traditional Medicine (CITM) is celebrating 25 years of service to communities in northern New Jersey. Roman E. Finn, M.D, medical director of the center, has practiced in Paramus for 25 years, and believes that true wellness embraces the mind, as well as the body. Finn listens carefully to each patient’s […]

Traditional and Modern Medicine Working Together

In a world where the landscape of health care is constantly evolving, a paradigm shift is occurring, ushering in an era of integrative care that combines the strengths of both traditional and modern medicine with the potential to provide patients more comprehensive and effective treatment options. At the forefront of this movement is the concept […]