Spearhead The New Year With a Healthy Home

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No New Year would be complete without making at least a few resolutions for healthier living. So why not add a healthy home to the list? Did you know that most of us spend more than 60% of our lives inside of our homes on average? A clean home helps ensure that people are not exposed to or breathing in contaminants and chemicals and that pests don’t have food, water, and a place to live.

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Clean Naturally

Skip the harsh commercial cleaning products and go natural instead. A common myth amongst many consumers is that ‘clean’ products are not as effective. The term, ‘clean’ is broader in the sense that it’s about formulations that do not contain harmful chemicals. Create your own DIY alternatives using common household items like vinegar, baking soda, and lemons. Your new home will sparkle and smell fresh, without harming surfaces or the indoor air quality.

Go Green(ery)

Did you know that indoor house plants can improve both your personal and your environmental health? They add oxygen to your home and act as a natural filter for pollutants. Try your green thumb on some easy-maintenance potted plants and breathe easier in 2022.

Stop Using Scented Products & Candles

Fragranced products are actually the primary source of indoor air pollutants. It’s in so many products we use from air fresheners to laundry detergent to shampoos and soaps. The adverse health effects include increased risk of developing asthma, neurological problems, contact dermatitis (rash), and endocrine disruption.

Instead, use essential oils to add scents to products and the air.  Make sure you’re opting for a certified organic or third-party tested essential oil to ensure that it is in fact pure. You can also use charcoal bags to reduce odors in your home instead of using a chemical-laden spray.

Stop Using Plastic in the Kitchen

Plastic is filled with endocrine-disrupting chemicals and can be EXTREMELY harmful to your health and wellness.  The plastic you eat off of actually leaches chemicals into your food, allowing for your consumption.  Once consumed, your body has to work hard to filter out these toxins while they disrupt your hormones and weaken your immune system.

Instead opt for any glass, silicone, or metal replacements. For plastic snack bags, you can replace them with reusable or paper bags.

Regularly Remove Dust

Dust contains more of the microscopic chemicals in it than our air in some instances.  Studies of house dust showed that it contains phthalates, fragrances, flame retardants, and phenols, which are all toxic to our bodies. These toxins that are within the dust we have in our home are also sources of endocrine disruptors, immune system suppressors and some are even carcinogenic. 

By cleaning up and removing dust on a regular basis, you can REMOVE toxins from your home.  Use a wet mop and wet dusting method to really get rid of the dust as opposed to spreading it around the house.  Having your home HVAC vents cleaned every few years and changing your furnace filter every 4 months will also help eliminate dust.

At The Center for Integrative & Traditional Medicine, it is the goal of the entire team to help our patients feel better, maintain good health, and have a greater enjoyment of life. Start the New Year off on the right foot and start your journey to holistic living today! (201) 291-0401