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Barbara Finlayson,LPN

Colonic Practitioner

About Rev. Barbara L. Finlayson, LPN

Barbara Finlayson offers Colon Hydrotherapy, Aromatherapy, Raindrop Techniques, Health Education classes, Yoga, Access Bars and Reflexology at the Center For Integrative & Traditional Medicine.  Barbara has worked with people for over 40 years using many healing modalities.  As a nurse, she noticed that although patients would heal, some never regained the strength or vitality they had once enjoyed while others would make full recoveries.  She sensed that there had to be more of a body-mind connection to healing which then started her onto a lifelong sojourn into the healing power of the body.


About Rev. Barbara L. Finlayson, LPN


Barbara is a Holistic Minister Practitioner under the Authority of Lightwing Center of Life Spirit.  Is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor, certified in Shiatsu from the Shiatsu Center of America, Bowen Therapy at American Bowen Academy.  She is certified in Rebirthing and Mari El.  Barbara’s mission is to support lifestyle changes to create a healthier, happier, longer, and more productive life.

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