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Medicine, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients can boost immune function, increase energy levels and help manage a variety of chronic health conditions, and they are often delivered faster and more effectively intravenously through an intravenous (IV) drip. Each IV infusion produces benefits on top of previous infusions, enhancing health benefits exponentially. But it is important to remember that IV nutrients have greater efficacy when combined with improvements in diet and lifestyle modification.

When acutely or chronically ill, we may benefit from jump-starting the system with a high concentration of nutrients delivered directly to the cells affected, getting them instantly on the road to healing. By directly administering nutrients to the body, higher blood levels can be achieved, which can provide the immediate therapeutic response needed.

Specific benefits of IV nutrient infusion therapy may include improved immune function, increased energy, more restorative sleep, decreased stress and anxiety, enhanced mood, and overall enhancement of well-being.

IV nutrient infusion is a powerful therapy for numerous health-related issues and medical conditions, including athletic enhancement and recovery, atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular disease, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and neuropathic pain, gastrointestinal problems, heavy metal toxicity, acute and chronic rheumatoid arthritis, malnutrition, hepatitis, infections, multiple chemical sensitivities and multiple sclerosis.

Restore: This vitamin therapy is often used in a medically supervised plan of care for chronic fatigue and other autoimmune disorders, in which a powerful immune-enhancing IV delivers vitamin C into the body that goes straight into the bloodstream.

Antioxidant glutathione: This is a potent antioxidant that quenches dangerous free radicals and binds to dangerous toxins through a process called conjugation so that they can be safely eliminated. Oral glutathione is not very stable; stomach acid and enzymes break it down into its three component amino acid parts, thereby rendering it useless. To address that, IV glutathione ensures effective delivery of the nutrient directly into the bloodstream. Further, a IV therapy of vitamin C combined with glutathione improves detoxification.

Anti-Inflammatory: When life gets extra busy, an IV designed to combat stress, anxiety and depression may help to nourish and calm the nervous system with high-dose magnesium. Intravenous magnesium sulfate has been clinically proven to help battle several kinds of cardiovascular disease. Minerals are extremely important in the regulation of nerve impulses and muscle contraction.

Roman E. Finn, M.D., is the owner of Center For Integrative & Traditional Medicine, located at 2 Madison Ave., in Paramus. For appointments and more information, call 201-291-0401 or visit

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