How Holistic Medicine Compliments Internal Medicine

Internal medicine is the medical practice of dealing with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases, disorders, and syndromes. Often an Internist must piece together the diagnosis of various symptoms working in tandem. This, often involved, diagnosis can require multiple avenues of treatment with each treatment having its own level of perceived efficacy and side-effects.

This system of diagnostic investigation is where an experienced Internist can make an enormous difference. Ultimately, for a patient to get better their symptoms need to be adequately treated and thus a correct diagnosis needs to be achieved. This is no simple feat. An adequate education provides the foundation for any aspiring Internist to provide an accurate diagnosis the greatest value comes from years of experience. Putting together the pieces that make up the diagnosis of the symptoms is an art form. A craft honed after years of training, interning, and taking the helm of one’s own practice.

However, that is just the diagnosis.

Treatments are as much an art form requiring experiences as is the diagnosis. Every treatment has its benefits, and some have drawbacks. Side-effects, often a concern of patients, need to be taken into consideration. Perhaps the most surprising aspect of an experienced Internist is that the doctor will very much take all of the factors into account. At least such is the case at Advanced Medical Care Center. Dr. Finn, being an avid proponent of holistic options when appropriate, often aims to have the greatest efficacy with the least adverse side-effects.

Dr. Finn has been practicing Internal Medicine for over thirty years. His experience with traditional medicine is vast. Dr. Finn, over the decades that he has honed his craft, eventually came to the conclusion that traditional medicine has its place. Every traditional treatment has its purpose and its drawbacks. In addition to traditional medicine, however, he also found the value in holistic treatments.

Holistic medicine, or alternative medicine, has gained a bit of a misguided reputation over the years and, quite frankly, undeservedly so. Holistic medicine is about finding more wholesome treatments that provide the efficacy of traditional medicine while mitigating the side-effects. In the end, it is all about the efficacy, or effectiveness, of the treatment. That does not always mean the holistic medicine is always the answer. Often times traditional therapies are most defiantly called for, but it does mean that traditional medicine should not always be the immediate answer to every diagnosis.

It is about treating the symptoms with the least side effects.

​The utilization of traditional medicine alongside holistic medicine is known as complementary medicine. Amongst the many myriad of available treatments proposed by both schools of thought, complementary medicine seeks to utilize both in order to promote the most effective treatments with the fewest side-effects. This is ultimately the very essence of the treatments proposed at Advanced Medical Care Center. Treatments themselves need to take into account that they are about the patient and the patient’s wellbeing.

Advanced Medical Care Center believes, and is also very much the opinion of Dr. Finn, that the various aspects of a patient such as lifestyle, eating habits, and of course previous history should all be taken into account when treating a patient. While one medication might do with the patient having to suffer specific side-effects another treatment might do just as well with no side-effects. Bringing balance to the patient’s life is important in order to provide the best treatments using all of the available options.

Internal Medicine is about the diagnosis, and holistic medicine is about treating the symptoms as a result of the diagnosis in the most natural way possible. Where a holistic solution simply isn’t available or effective traditional treatments should be utilized. If you really think about it, this is the most balanced line of reasoning available; the pursuit of maximizing the effectiveness of any treatment while minimizing any adverse side-effects.

Complimentary medicine has started to increase in popularity over the recent years, and it makes complete sense as to why. There’s nothing wrong with exploring holistic options. All treatments are regarding by their ability to treat the symptom just as would be any form of treatment. Advanced Medical Care Center’s use of holistic medicine is simply the pursuit of treating the symptoms while taking into account the quality of life of our patients. Isn’t that what every medical care center should be doing?

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