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Within the realm of healthcare, a notable paradigm shift is taking place, highlighting the crucial role that patients assume in their personal healing journeys. The ascent of integrative healthcare, an all-encompassing approach fusing conventional medicine with complementary therapies, is garnering recognition as a patient-centric model. Leading this transformative movement is the Center for Integrative and Traditional Medicine (CITM), committed to championing patient empowerment and fostering active participation in the healing process.

Patient Empowerment: A Catalyst for Healing

Patient empowerment is a cornerstone of integrative healthcare, and it goes beyond traditional doctor-patient relationships. It involves educating individuals about their health conditions, treatment options, and lifestyle choices, enabling them to make informed decisions. CITM encourages patients to be active participants in their care, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility for their well-being. This empowerment is a catalyst for positive outcomes, as engaged patients are more likely to adhere to treatment plans and adopt healthy habits.

Active Healing: Nurturing Mind-Body Connection

Active healing emphasizes the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. Integrative healthcare practices, such as acupuncture, mindfulness, and nutritional counseling, recognize and leverage this mind-body connection. We provides a platform for patients to explore these complementary modalities, promoting a sense of balance and harmony in their lives. By actively participating in therapies that address both physical and emotional aspects, patients enhance their overall well-being.

A Beacon of Patient-Centric Care

In the ever-changing landscape of healthcare, we emerge as a shining example of patient-centric care. Through the integration of principles from integrative healthcare, our center is reshaping the narrative of medical treatment. Here, patients are not passive recipients of care but rather active contributors to their own healing journey.

As healthcare undergoes a transformative evolution, the role of the patient is changing, with integrative healthcare emerging as a beacon of guidance. Our unwavering commitment to patient empowerment and active healing showcases a paradigm that acknowledges the profound influence individuals can wield on their own well-being. Through avenues such as education, collaboration, and a holistic approach, patients are not merely in the process of healing but actively sculpting their paths towards wellness.

Dr. Roman E. Finn is the owner of The Center for Integrative and Traditional Medicine, located at 22 Madison Ave., in Paramus. For appointments or more information, call 201-291-0401 or visit

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