Easing The Effects of Flatulence


Bloating, or flatulence, is a sign of a digestive problem. It can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. It can also pave the road to multiple future medical problems, so consider bloating/flatulence as one of the multiple friendly signs from the body saying that something needs to be changed. The first step is education. Ask, “What am I doing to create this condition in my body? What is my body trying to warn me about?”


First, food comes to mind. Some foods naturally have more fiber than the body can handle, such as beans, lentils, cabbage, broccoli, dairy, etc.). Even foods that are not considered to have too much fiber may cause obstacles to be digested by a specific individual, and no one can tell you which foods they are. We must learn to listen to our body and analyze the clues it gives us.

Some foods may not be as convenient for the body to digest as others; be aware of responses to various foods. Some may be familiar, but prepared differently in restaurants and other places, adding other factors we might have a difficult time tolerating.

The quantity of food we consume can also exhibit the signs of bloating, and stress may affect digestion. Get involved and learn how to prevent developing disease by working together with our smart and intuitively designed body.

Dr. Roman Finn is renowned holistic and integrative practitioner with modern ways of traditional medicine.

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